HOM brand has just joined Austrian group Huber Holding, which is now developing its activities to premium men’s underwear. The French company will then speed up its economic growth, capitalizing on innovation and quality. The group has Arula, a textile Read more ›

No basic ? No Brand !

HOM’s must have are its boxer shorts with a revolutionary horizontal opening to satisfy the whole male population offering superior comfort with modal material and unique support. Cosigned by former US President Bill Clinton himself (with a signed letter), on Read more ›

Urban Camo

Why wouldn’t underwear feature prints too? HOM gives a pretty fluid answer to the question, by using the most famous pattern of all: camouflage. Available in 2 HO1 shapes, long and short boxer briefs. Discover the Trunk HO1 Camouflage Discover Read more ›

Collection Street

Why shouldn’t underwear follow the urban trend? “Tagging, camo, and on-trend prints are styles with a streetwear attitude that will convince you that originality does not have to replace comfort.” Click here to discover the collection: collection street

#Cleancut HO1

Like other products in the HOM range, CLEAN CUT has a mission of invisibility, as if you had a second skin. All this thanks to its polyamide elastane material and its clean cut finishing. Discover

Mook #2

HOM has nothing to hide: and the brand’s new ambitions are everywhere to be displayed. We already have conquered new customers, buyers and consumers: in France, and abroad, in concept stores, superstores and on the internet: everybody’s into it. A Read more ›

A Revolution

This can seem a bit nonsensical to you, but until 1968, men’s underwear was just a piece of white cotton cloth with no particular shape: too big to even have a particular use when it comes to support, even, if Read more ›

Muscle Recover

MUSCLE RECOVER is sports innovation with a capital “I”. Thanks to its Emana® intelligent fibres, developed by the French group Rhodia®, it stimulates blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism. MUSCLE RECOVER is a line of sports boxers and t-shirts which effectively Read more ›