Woven boxers

The traditional woven boxers. They guarantee great freedom of movement. Dedicated to men who are not necessarily looking for support as such, but rather light and soft men’s underwear.

Short woven boxers

A redesigned woven boxer. Shorter, it enhances the body shape and offers perfect support thanks to its inner cup. This kind of underwear shape is unique to the HOM brand.


The essential shape: tight knitted underwear covering the upper leg. This men’s underwear has a lot of supporters.

Long boxers

Tight knitted underpants with a longer leg than the regular boxers. The long boxers from the HOM collection are a type of men underwear that is well appreciated by sportsmen.


This is the fashion version of boxers, a short low waist knitted and tight underwear, with a short leg. The HOM shorty offers a hipster look to men wearing it.


Tight knitted underpants covering the upper leg, with a specific horizontal opening. The HO1 underwear is unique on the market and guarantees full support as well as being very convenient. This shape solely exists for HOM underwear, and is highly Read more ›


Classic brief shape that releases the leg. The HOM briefs are appreciated especially for the freedom of movement they offer.


Brief without any fabric over the leg. This HOM brief enables full freedom of movement and comfort during sporting activity.