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Discover our lines of underwear developed in technical and innovative fabrics and cuts.

HOM Innovation underwear meets the everyday needs of men who demand the same quality of underwear as what already exists for clothing. To achieve this, we design boxers and briefs that are not only comfortable, but also light, flexible and long-lasting (and whose fabric does not deteriorate after several washes), and that can be adapted to their needs: underwear for sports, underwear that is invisible under clothing, underwear with breathable mesh for summer, etc. To achieve this, we use fabric treatments such as Ceravida®, fabrics such as modal, or our own sewing and assembly techniques and know-how. 

H-FRESH series - Ultra-breathable microfibre boxer briefs and briefs to keep you cool.

The H-Fresh line includes 3 comfort boxers and 1 comfort brief. Made in microfibre, these underwear are designed for everyday use in high temperatures. The microfibre fabric is super-thin and breathable, providing an instant cooling effect. Seamless on the thighs, made from an ultra-light, breathable fabric, with a soft, smooth waistband, this underwear feels like a second skin to the wearer. 


INVISIBLE COMFORT series - Super soft and smooth, invisible under clothes, seamless on thighs and waist.

The INVISIBLE COMFORT boxer shorts live up to their name. Made from modal and reinforced with elastane, they're supple underwear with a silky feel that's extremely soft and comfortable. With no seams on the thighs (clean-edge finish) and a bonded waistband, it's invisible under even the lightest or closest-fitting garments. These boxer briefs are the result of HOM know-how, making underwear you can wear every day. 


Discover the SPORTS LAB series

The latest innovation from HOM for demanding sportsmen.

Made from polyamide elastane, cut to an ergonomic shape and designed with seamless ventilation zones, they offer absolute comfort in the most extreme conditions!

Discover more

Ceravida Fresh Technology

Ceravida Fresh, anti-odour and anti-bacterial protection

  • This treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric, blocks odours and eliminates absorbed odours.  CERAVIDA patented technology has high odour molecules absorption capacity and eliminates odours. It keeps your liner fresh.
  • CERAVIDA patented technology is formulated with all natural components. Our organic process uses no harmful chemicals or toxins. It is completely safe for consumers and the environment.

Specially designed for sports enthusiasts

HOM x Christophe Pinna

The Sports Lab collection was developed with Christophe Pinna, 4 times Karate world Champion.

As a result of this collaboration, both HOM Sports Lab boxer briefs and briefs enhance performance in all indoor and outdoor sports, ensuring the best possible fit, freedom of mouvement, thermal comfort and hygiene.